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About Frumen

Desarrollos Alimentarios S.A. (DEALSA) was founded in 1978 and began life in the town of Azuqueca de Henares, in the province of Guadalajara. The project started with what at that time was a highly innovative automated process for making breadcrumbs, marketed since then under the Frumen brand. Since its inception, and always with a strict control over the processes, the company has offered the highest quality in its products, anticipating the needs of the prepared food sector as well as the requirements of both traditional and modern domestic cuisine.


The starting point

The company wanted to find a way to handle specific HR, tax and legal matters, without increasing internal resources, while maintaining a strict control over costs.


What they were looking for

DEALSA’s activity requires them to work under the strictest quality control processes, and the need for quality is applied throughout the organization, as they look to combine maximum efficiency with cost control. In managing their employees they wanted to apply the same principles: strict compliance with labour regulations together with an optimal remuneration scheme.


What we did

Having looked at various options, including taking on additional part-time employees, the company finally decided to incorporate a group of expert external professionals, working together in a close and permanent relationship, and covering both recurrent and on-demand services: and that’s where VASALTO tech and talent came in.


The Result

From the start employees from both companies have been working together as a team, in situ or remotely, and sharing infrastructure from both organisations. DEALSA today can rely on a service ever more integrated into the organization. “We looked for and found a supplier capable of adapting and adjusting to our needs. Our business is very demanding and we require continual and immediate regulatory support. VASALTO has adapted perfectly to what we were looking for, assigning highly skilled professionals to the job” – Jesús Pérez Mariscal, Finance Director of Desarrollos Alimentarios S.A.

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